The Tutor Group

This programme has been developed and will be run by The Proteus School for Reflective Social Practice, consisting of Allan Kaplan and Sue Davidoff and associates. We have many long years experience of work and teaching in the field of social practice, working in Africa, Latin America, Europe and Australasia. We have a continuing practice with organisations and individuals as well as our teaching and learning work. We have been developing this particular approach to social sensibility throughout this time. We have several decades experience of running learning programmes in the social field, including our most recent experience over the last six years of working with this postgraduate programme first in Central and Eastern Europe, and then internationally. (See the Proteus website at for more details.)


We draw on a range of ideas and influences that have helped shape our work. These range from contemporary, cutting-edge ideas in the social sciences to thinkers and strands of wisdom that have significantly influenced humanistic approaches to social practice over many centuries. We draw particularly from the practices indicated by a Goethean phenomenology, traditional and contemporary contemplative and reflective practices, and the implications for practice in the social field arising from the understandings developed by the ‘new sciences’ (from quantum theory to complexity) and by holistic approaches inspired and grounded through observation of living process.