The Response

If we can hold the idea before us that the way through is not via a concern with making the world manageable, but making it more understandable, more visible; this is the key.


If we can develop the ability to see into the depths of things, then the processes, relationships and connections that form the living skein of social, and socio-ecological situations become transparent. The situation begins to transform from the inside, out. We gain awareness of a larger reality. We become able to incorporate ourselves within that reality. Our own way of approaching the world has a significant role to play in addressing the enormous challenges which we face at this time in world history.


This programme offers the possibility to understand and work with more attuned, open and organic approaches to social understanding and practice. To work in ways that are respectful of the complexity and true nature of the challenges we face in the social field. We offer a programme that seeks to provide an enlarged picture of the human being (and the world we inhabit). Recognising that the world we inhabit is socially and ecologically impoverished, we choose to design a programme that will open people’s horizons – both to themselves and to their responsibilities in terms of intervening creatively into such a world.