The Participants

This programme is aimed at experienced practitioners, wherever they are situated, who find themselves facing questions and dilemmas about current dominant practice, their own work, and the organisational or institutional as well as environmental settings they find themselves in. It is aimed at practitioners who may be experiencing a frustrating distance between how they want to work, and how they are currently asked to work. Equally, it is designed for practitioners who have already been drawn to more living, organic and attuned approaches to social questions.


This is a programme for all those working with social change, in whatever guise, position or workplace. We are looking for participants who can bring a high level of commitment and energy for working in social and ecological areas to the programme. We ask participants to bring and work with their own experience, and to be willing and open to engage with and talk around that experience in the programme. We ask participants to be prepared to engage openly, and with commitment, with the programme and the participant group.